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About Me

Hi, I am Haoyang (pronounce the same as "How young"), a UX designer with a graphic design background. After graduating, I worked on a large number of projects as a graphic designer for CIMON, Inc, where I am still employed. In June 2020, the company needed UI and UX designers and offered me the opportunity to take my artistic and innovative skills and apply them to this specific type of design role. I took several courses on my own, read numbers of articles, and studied online to learn as much about UX design as possible. This helped me to become a UX design specialist at my current employer.

Now I am taking these skills and using them to help on projects on my own. I have a great deal of expertise and how users interact with and navigate through applications. I am offering my experience and skills to help those looking for a person who can help to transform their application into something that will be easy to use and captivating for the user.



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